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Carpet Cleaning in Irmo, SC

Carpet Cleaning in Irmo, SC

Irmo, SC

Just 12 miles northwest of Columbia lies Irmo, SC. Many people seem to love the city of Irmo SC for a variety of reasons. Those that live in this town feel very proud to live in such a wonderful place. According to Irmo City website, the city of Irmo SC has been recognized as both "One of the Safest Cities in South Carolina," and the 12th "Most Affordable Place to Live in the Country." Those that visit Irmo enjoy the green community parks and available outdoor adventures. While in the area, some "must-see" places you may consider visiting include Harbison State Forest, Riverbanks Zoo & Botanical Garden, and Finely Park.

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Cleaner Carpets, Faster Drying Times

We have faster drying times! Another major advantage of our process is the reduced drying time. It is another part of The Zerorez Difference™ that our customers love. Who’s got time to wait for days for their carpet to dry? One of the stresses you may feel about getting your carpets professionally cleaned is the concern for how much time you have to be off your carpet while it is cleaned and then after it is cleaned while you are waiting for it to dry. We understand this concern and have come up with a way to decrease the drying time of carpet so that you and your family can be back on the carpet and back to your daily activities in no time. Our drying time for carpet after cleaning is up to 2X faster than our competitors! Other carpet cleaning systems use a heavy carpet shampooer that floods carpets with excessive detergents, soaps, and water. Our system uses a Platinum rated hot water extraction system that eliminates the need for excessive water.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

In addition to the amazing difference that Zerorez® is able to make when carpet cleaning, we also have an outstanding cleaning service for tile, grout, and other hard surfaces. The Zerorez® patented cleaning process uses Zr Water™️ at a high, but safe pressure to remove soil and restore the original color of your tile and grout. Not only will a cleaning by our Zerorez® professionals restore your floor's appearance to look like new, but it will create an invisible barrier that can block stain penetration, and give your tile a smoother surface that is more hygienic and easier to clean.

Zerorez® Irmo carpet cleaning and tile cleaning are here and ready to help your big cleaning projects happen quickly and efficiently without a drip of your sweat. Many of our customers are surprised at how dirty their tile actually was after seeing how clean the Zerorez® green cleaning process makes their tile shine. Experience Clean™ with Zerorez®.

What Irmo is saying about Zerorez

8032624020 Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Columbia SC 130 Centrum Drive Suite 2b Irmo, SC 29063 Varied

Quick Service

The service was quick and the carpets looked the best they ever have after being cleaned.

8032624020 Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Columbia SC 130 Centrum Drive Suite 2b Irmo, SC 29063 Varied

Peace of Mind

Fantastic customer service and our carpets look brand new! I don't have to worry about chemicals or residue around our kids and animals, which gives any parent a peace of mind!

8032624020 Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Columbia SC 130 Centrum Drive Suite 2b Irmo, SC 29063 Varied

I Highly Recommend

I had a great experience with this company. He explained everything he was doing, and he worked extra hard to remove stubborn stains. I will definitely use this company again. I highly recommend.

No More Crunchy Carpet!

Have you ever stepped on a carpet with bare feet expecting to feel a warm and soft surface but instead step on a crunchy surface that leaves behind a feeling of residue on your foot? That is not what carpet should feel like! It should feel soft, warm, clean, and inviting. Carpet should be a surface that you look forward to walking on barefoot, not avoiding! So, what is the cause of crunchy carpet? The biggest cause of carpet becoming crunchy and gross is simply that they were not cleaned properly. If your carpet becomes crunchy after getting cleaned, that means that particles of the shampoo, detergent, or harsh chemicals that were used during the cleaning process were left behind in the carpet fibers. Those particles left behind from cleaning eventually become hard, making your carpet feel crunchy and stiff instead of soft.

The best recommendation we have for fixing a case of crunchy carpet is to hire a non-traditional carpet cleaning professional that doesn't clean with soaps, detergents, or chemicals. Here at Zerorez® Irmo, we do just that. Zerorez® carpet cleaning Irmo SC guarantees to leave your carpet completely free of soapy particles that create crunchy carpet. Our patented cleaning wand is designed to completely rinse the carpet fibers without ever flooding the padding. In addition to that, we clean using Zr Water™️. It's water that has been scientifically altered in a way that allows it to clean better than soap and leaves No Residue® behind. No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®. Book an appointment today to experience The Zerorez Difference™ for yourself!

Carpet Cleaning Irmo, SC

We believe a healthy home environment starts with clean carpets, the biggest air filter in your home. No other carpet cleaning company in Irmo cleans more thoroughly or protects your family better than Zerorez®. The traditional carpet cleaner relies on soaps, detergents, and harsh chemicals to make carpets appear cleaner. In reality, most carpets cleaned in traditional ways end up loaded with soaps that are never fully extracted. These soaps stay in the carpet fibers and act as a dirt magnet, drawing those nasties right back into your carpets just after you got them cleaned.

Here at Zerorez®, we have found a better way of carpet cleaning Irmao has never experienced before. We guarantee our carpet cleaning process is safer, cleaner, and greener. Our patented Zr Water™️ cleans Beyond Green®, and is safe for you, your kids, your pets, and the environment. Zr Water™️ is enhanced water that is first electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without any harsh chemicals. When applied to carpets and soft surfaces via low-pressure spray, the Zr Water™️ will loosen embedded dirt and clean carpets of germs, pathogens, and bacteria like no other carpet cleaner has been able to do before.

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