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Which Upholstery is Best?

Which Upholstery is Best?

Best Upholstery for Dogs

Which upholstery is best for pets? The best couch fabrics for dogs will be those that are resistant to scratching, dirt, and stains. Of course, you will also want something that isn't a fur magnet. When buying furniture or reupholstering, there is a range of fabrics to consider, but three that score exceptionally well with pets include leather, microfiber, and velvet. Leather will not act as a dirt magnet, and dark-colored leather will be quite stain-resistant but is prone to get scratched by pet paws. However, scratches are not a big deal for some as they see them as giving character to the upholstery. Microfiber has a high stain and scratch-resistant rating but will be a bit more prone to stains than leather. As fancy as velvet sounds, it can actually be a great upholstery fabric for those with pets to choose. Its tight weave and short pile make it relatively easy to clean and very resistant to scratching. And a simple protective coating will increase its resistance to stains.

Best Upholstery for Kids

If you live in a busy household where your upholstery experiences everyday wear and tear, it will be important to choose a durable upholstery fabric such as microfiber or leather. If your kids are younger, your furniture may be more prone to messes. If that is the case, you may consider choosing a fabric such as faux leather that will not soak in messes as quickly, allowing you to clean them up before they become a bigger problem. With children in the home, even the color of upholstery that you choose will be important. Colors such as browns, grays, and darker colors will hide stains much easier than others.

The Best Way to Clean Upholstery

When it comes time to clean your upholstery, it is crucial to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Hiring a knowledgable cleaning professional is essential because upholstery fabric is often relatively thin and needs to be appropriately treated to ensure it does not get ruined. Our professionally trained technicians at Zerorez® know precisely how to clean your upholstery in a way that will protect the fabric and help make your upholstery look new again.

Even for the more difficult-to-clean fabrics, Zerorez® can get the job done, and get it done right. At Zerorez® Columbia, getting difficult-to-clean fabric-covered surfaces looking as good as new is our specialty. And we do it without the use of soap or harsh chemicals. Our expert cleaning technicians use non-toxic Zr Clean™️ and green cleaning agents to clean upholstery that is safe on fabrics, don't attract more dirt, leave Zero Residue® on fabrics, and eliminates odor during cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning process includes specialty upholstery tools and our patentedZr Clean™️ that gently cleans your furniture, leaving it Insanely Clean™ with minimal dry time. To experience for yourself the best upholstery cleaning Columbia has to offer, give us a call today at (803) 262-4020 or book an appointment online. We look forward to serving you!