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Simplify Tile Cleaning

Simplify Tile Cleaning

Your tile flooring can really take a huge beating between kids and pets leaving behind a lot of dirt and stains. With the holidays quickly approaching, having your tile floors looking their best is a must. But the key is to have your floors look great well into the future. ZEROREZ® uses the latest eco-cleaning technology that surpasses their competition and other cleaning products and solutions currently on the market. Give EMPOWERED WATER™ a try and throw your old tile cleaning habits out the door. Here are a few ways that ZEROREZ® can help you keep your tile floors looking their best and make future cleaning easier on you.

Transformation Of Dull Looking Tile And Grout

The biggest benefit to having your floors cleaned by a ZEROREZ® pro is that your tile and grout will look like new again. If you’ve been considering replacing your existing tiles because of discoloration and staining, you’ll want to reconsider. Using EMPOWERED WATER™ technology, ZEROREZ® zones in on irregular colored grout and tiled that are dirty and stained. The electrolyzed water solution helps to dissolve stains that are embedded into the crevices and pores of your tile. Even if your tiles are sealed, EMPOWERED WATER™ is a safe alternative and you’ll be shocked at how bright and vibrant your tiles will appear after a deep clean.

Eliminate Frequent Cleaning

Another benefit to having your tile flooring cleaned using EMPOWERED WATER™ is that you won’t have to clean and mop as often. With the busy holiday season fast approaching, you’ll be able to spend more time shopping or enjoying time with family friends as opposed to cleaning before guests arrive. When you do have to get down to tile cleaning, a simple light mop or sweep will reveal a clean, fresh smelling floor.

Reduction In Stains And Stain Recurrence

When your tile and grout areas are cleaned with the ZEROREZ® solution, an eco-friendly sealant is placed on your flooring. This helps prevent stains from reoccurring in the future and also helps to repel future stains from settling in. This blocking of stains will keep your floors looking like new well into the future.

Safer And Cleaner Surface

If you have small children or pets that spend a lot of time on your tile floor, you don’t want them to be exposed to chemicals or other harsh ingredients left behind from a cleaning product. ZEROREZ® never uses chemicals to clean tile flooring or other surfaces in your home. This can put your mind at ease, especially if your child or pet has an allergy or other medical condition which makes them sensitive to chemical products.

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