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Newbies to Zerorez®

Newbies to Zerorez®

After scheduling your first ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning service, you may be unsure how best to prepare for the technician’s arrival. To help guide you through a typical ZEROREZ® service appointment, here’s a brief description of our unique cleaning process.

Initial Walk-Through and Consultation

On the day of your appointment, a technician will arrive at your house dressed in the ZEROREZ® uniform (blue pants and a green polo) to assure you that you can trust the person entering your home. Your technician will also wear shoe covers for the duration of the service to avoid tracking dirt inside your house. Every carpet cleaning service begins with a walk-through, which allows the technician to inspect all carpeted areas prior to cleaning. At this time, any specific questions or areas of concern will be addressed. The technician will then determine the best cleaning method based on the type of carpet fiber and observed stains or odors.

Cleaning Time

Cleaning times can vary, but you should set aside approximately one hour for a standard three-room service. After the technician cleans your carpets using ZEROREZ®’s unique EMPOWERED WATER™ system, you should allow another 4 to 6 hours for drying time. Although it’s completely safe to walk on your carpets before they’re dry, the technician will gladly provide you with a pair of shoe coverings to protect your flooring.

Handling Stubborn Stains

Although ZEROREZ® has a very high rate of stain removal, some stains by their nature are permanent and cannot be eliminated. For the most stubborn stains, your highly trained technician will try several different removal methods. You will only be charged an additional cost if a separate enzyme treatment is necessary for bodily fluid stains (urine, feces, vomit, or blood). These stains and their associated odor issues must first be assessed on-site by your technician before proceeding with a recommended treatment plan.

Additional Services

Many individuals are concerned with the pricing of carpet cleaning services or that the professional will try to talk them into paying for additional services. As a company, ZEROREZ® is committed to avoiding high-pressure sales tactics. ZEROREZ® technicians understand customers’ concerns, and all pricing will be confirmed prior to the start of the carpet cleaning service. Rest assured, your ZEROREZ® technician wants to provide the optimal cleaning solution for your home.

Billing Procedures

At the conclusion of your service, the technician will ask you to do a final walk-through to ensure you are highly satisfied with the results. You will submit payment and receive your completed invoice via email only minutes later. In the event that you do not have an email address, a paper invoice can be mailed the following business day.

ZEROREZ® Columbia uses revolutionary, environmentally friendly technology to clean carpets with amazing results while offering exceptional customer service.

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