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How to Hide Carpet Stains Until a Carpet Cleaner Arrives

How to Hide Carpet Stains Until a Carpet Cleaner Arrives

Imagine you are just hours away from hosting a dinner party. You finish vacuuming the floors, putting out the decorations, and setting the table. With a big sigh, coming from both the relief of finishing preparation and excitement for the night ahead, you pour yourself your favorite glass of wine, head to the couch, and kick your feet up. After all, there is only so much time for you to relax before your guests arrive! You take a sip of your wine, lean your head back, and rest your eyes. You didn't have your eyes closed for more than three seconds when your neighbor's dog barks at your cat in the window as they walk by for their evening stroll. As your cat shrieks in fear and darts away from the window, your glass of wine is tipped over onto your cream-colored carpet, leaving a bright red stain. What do you do now??

You know you will need to get this bright red wine stain treated by a professional carpet cleaner, but time is running out. Your guests will be arriving soon. For the unforeseen situations that life hands us, such as this example, we have some tips for you on how to hide carpet stains until the carpet cleaner arrives.

Dab Up Spills Quickly

The first thing to do when a spill occurs is to dab it up quickly. Grab a rag and go to work! This will help lessen the stain and prevent it from soaking further down into the carpet. Though the stain itself will likely need much more attention from the professionals, do what you can to get the mess out of the carpet while still fresh!

Cover The Stain with an Area Rug

Because you are short on time and there is not much you can do to make the stain go away before your guests arrive, consider covering the dabbed up stain with an area rug. An area rug will likely look natural anywhere in your living space, and no one will question it!

Rearrange Furniture

Don't have an area rug? Try covering up your red wine stain by rearranging the furniture. Out of sight, out of mind (At least until tomorrow when you can call the carpet cleaning professionals)!

Mask Pet Stain Odor with Air Freshener

Masking any odor that comes from the stain with air freshener may not be necessary for those whose pets just knocked over red wine, but will be absolutely essential for someone whose pet actually had an accident just minutes before guests come over! You may be able to hide the odor for some time by using an air freshener or candle, but that won't last forever! Masking odors will only work temporarily - but when you clean with Zerorez®, we don't just mask the odors that come from pet stains; we completely eliminate them. Our patented pet odor treatment cleaning process is unique to the carpet cleaning industry because our techniques can get completely rid of your pet stain odor. In contrast, most carpet cleaning companies use perfume or oils to mask the smells.

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning

Before giving up on your carpet and hiding your stains for good, give Zerorez® Columbia a call! From ice cream to red wine to outrageously filthy carpet, the unique Zerorez® cleaning process can get your surface Insanely Clean™ after an accident or poor maintenance. Many of our customers have been impressed with what the Zerorez® carpet cleaning process has been able to get out of the carpet. Our professionally trained technicians will be able to let you know what it is they can do to help get rid of stains and make your carpet like-new once again. Our Zerorez® process will give you carpets that will stay cleaner longer. We never use soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals to clean your carpets. Instead, we use Zr Clean™️ - water that has been enhanced through a patented electrolysis process and oxidized to create a powerful, green cleaning solution. When you book an appointment with Zerorez® Columbia, our expert technicians will clean the stains out of your carpet according to your specific needs, leaving you satisfied and maybe even shocked by the results. Don't attempt to cover your stains for long periods again! Get them taken care of today with Zerorez®.