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How to Avoid Carpet Lines in High Traffic Areas

How to Avoid Carpet Lines in High Traffic Areas

Traffic lanes in carpeting may be among the most unsightly thing for homeowners to accept. They are visible to anyone walking through a home’s main rooms (where they always form) and sometimes don’t come out after cleanings. In fact, these carpet lines are avoidable with the right cleaning and maintenance practices. Here’s how to eliminate them when they pop up and how to stop them from forming in the first place.

Causes of Traffic Lanes

When you notice traffic lanes in carpeting, you are seeing the effects dirt particles can have on rugs. The sharp mineral particles in dirt tracked in from shoes and bare feet actually grind into the fabric when people walk over your carpeting. This friction creates a tearing effect that strips down the quantity of carpet fibers, making certain sections appear threadbare The best solution to this problem is to remove the dirt particles in carpeting as frequently as possible. Regular vacuuming will help limit the amount of dirt that stays in your rugs, but buildup is unavoidable when family members and guests walk over the same area every day. Therefore, you need deep cleanings every 18 months (or more frequently, depending on the home) to keep the traffic lanes from forming again. As for carpet cleaning systems, your best bet is choosing a method that removes soils from the fabrics without leaving behind soap residues. Chemical residues act as magnets for the dirt that damages carpeting.

Removing Carpet Lines

Though traffic lanes in carpeting may seem permanent once they have settled in, advanced cleaning techniques can dig deep within the fabric to wick out dirt particles. In many cases, homeowners see a renewal in high-traffic areas after a proper carpet cleaning when a no-residue formula is used. Steam-cleaning systems that rely on shampoos are at a disadvantage with traffic lanes for several reasons. First, the soaking method does not remove as many of the dirt particles as carpets would need for the lines to disappear. Second, the soap residues left behind quickly attract more dirt particles, which allows the lanes to form sooner than they should. It becomes a vicious cycle. More advanced carpet cleaning systems do a better job at dirt and soil removal without the need for heavy shampooing. As a result, your carpet lines disappear without having any soap residues left behind to start new ones. Combined with regular vacuuming and the use of mats (where people can wipe their feet before entering your home), this system will keep your carpets looking great.

The ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning system is the most effective method for removing carpet lines and unsightly traffic lanes at home. Contact ZEROREZ® of Columbia to restore your carpets’ beauty today.

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