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5 Creative Ways to Use Carpet Scraps

5 Creative Ways to Use Carpet Scraps

Let's say it's about time to have your carpet replaced. It's seen better days, and whether it's an area rug, an outdoor rug, or even your carpet flooring, it just feels wasteful to let it all go into the trash. Maybe the carpet holds some sentimental value, and getting rid of it feels wrong. We have compiled a list of creative ways to use carpet scraps for your next DIY project.

1. Cat Scratching Post - Do you or does someone you know have a furry friend? Use your leftover carpet scraps to make a cat scratching post. Before throwing away old carpet, cut it up and staple it to some pieces of wood to build your pet a hideaway. Cats love the feel of carpet, and flipping the carpet over to reveal the rougher side serves as a great way to help file your cat's nails.

2. Welcome Mat - Maybe your carpet is dull and worn down. But how is the back side looking? If you have a stained or discolored area rug or carpet, cut it to the shape you want, and use the backside to draw or paint a design you like. The rough backing of carpet works great for helping to remove dirt and pollen off of your shoes before entering your home. All your neighbors will be wondering where you got your beautiful, one-of-a-kind welcome mat the next time they come over.

3. Fabric Floor Mat - If you have young kids, you know that having carpet can spare you a lot of tears if they fall. If you get a carpet replacement or carpet installation, be sure to save some scraps and double up! You can staple your favorite patterned fabric around the scraps to create play mats or extra cushioned mats for your kids to entertain themselves on.

4. New Rug - If some of your favorite area rugs have stains you just can't seem to get out, try making a new one! Taking the pieces of carpet that have not suffered from stains, you can stitch them together to create your own, custom area rug. You can play with different designs and patterns to transform an old, worn out rug into a breathtaking new one!

5. Upholstery - Wanting to tackle a more bold DIY project? Try using salvaged bits of carpet to reupholster an ottoman, to make a pouf as an accent piece, or even to liven up an old chair. You have creative freedom! Doing research before attempting to reupholster a beloved piece of furniture is important, but you can also keep your eye out for any pieces of furniture that someone else is looking to get rid of to get some practice on!

If you've done everything you can as far as carpet cleaning goes and still can't seem to get rid of certain stains, or you are looking to hold onto an old rug that has personal value, think about these options as a way to recycle your carpet! Old living room rugs and carpet flooring don't have to be put to waste after the time has come to replace them. Work your DIY magic, and create something new that you can love for years to come!